Rosangela Teodoro

Founder & CEO


Rosangela Teodoro

Founder, Rosangela Teodoro creates a real connection with her customers—through many great experiences she and the team deliver warm and friendly service for families from the South Shore. Rosangela always offers her personal advice and family recipes to her customers so that they can learn about the best cuts of meats and how to cook them. She always makes sure her customers know exactly what they are eating with full transparency of the meat origin. Rosangela teaches them how to appreciate quality food, enjoy eating in a welcoming environment, and above all taking the time to enjoy a delicious meal.

Rosangela Teodoro Background

Rosangela has been in and around the cattle industry her entire life—her father was a successful rancher in Brazil and that's where she learned from the best! As a butcher and curator of fine meats, Rosangela has worked in South American and in North America from coast to coast. There is a very short list of people who have more knowledge and experience than her.